We invest in SMEs & Start-up secure strategic growth

We invest in manufacturing SMEs that operates within industrial business belonging to strategic mega-trends

Areas of focus investment & partnership

  • Company carve out
  • Company restructuring projects
  • Takeover from generational changes
  • Acquisition from insolvency proceeding
  • Acquisition to support potential strategic growth
  • Product / Market / Customer refocus
  • Financial and industrial partnership with Startups

Our focuses

Our Business

We are a Search Fund that acquires and manages industrial SMEs that operate whitin international environment with high focus on innovation.
We maintain the core value of the acquired SMEs, developing and working with the existing workforce to leverage their existing strengths, focusing on productivity and efficiency improvement.
We secure organic growth and margin improvements through our strategic mind-set focused on mid-long term actions.
We operate on Change Management arena, supporting our Clients during their strategic and critical steps. Temporary management support with our sr. experts when necessary.

We work to improve the value of our portfolio companies,

to secure continuity, growth, shared with our employees, customers, suppliers and investors.

Company success is founded on a solid long term strategy, good planning, efficiency and competitiveness aligned with customers needs. Ethical behaviour and an exciting working environment are our commitment.

We create a working environment where trust and transparency empower the value added of each employee. We support and stimulate an entrepreneurial approach of each individual and teams in all key areas: strategic and operational planning, R&D, Sales, Operations, Quality, Finance and Supply Chain Management.

We strive to combine the agility and cost competitiveness of SMEs with a long term strategic business model to secure partnerships with customers, suppliers and investors.

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